I am Teddy Bouziat, aka BearDroid, Indie Game Developer.


Short bio

I love playing and developing games since always. My first contact was before my ten, in the 90’s, a good friend of mine and my brother-in-law had respectively the Amiga 500 and 1200. Games such as Lemmings, Populous, Cannon Fodder and Indiana Jones just blew my minds. A couple of years later, another friend told me that it was possible to MAKE our own games thanks to "programing". He taught me my first language: Visual Basic 5. My first game was a game quizz on comics where I made the main character with Paint: a yellow ball with two white balls for the eyes. Each time you answered right you earned points to unlock 'images'. Good memories. Since this time, my life has been related to games and dev :)

After that

After an engineer degree in computer science (and not in english as you noticed), I worked for 3 years as a Java\C++ programmer in Paris. It was a great experience, meting my first code gurus, learning a lot of things. Then, in 2014, I got the opportunity to start a PhD in computer science. It is during this this time that I’ve been starting to think about earning my life with game design and develop my skills on it on my spare time. Now, since the end of 2017, I'm a full time game designer. You can find my last projects in the following sections. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.



Gameplay trailer of Get1000 YouTube

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Teddy Bouziat
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